Tuesday, February 10, 2009


A gag writer who illustrates his own ideas . . .

I thought I'd offer a bit of info on a fellow cartooning associate who goes back with me a few years. I say "a few" years to the mid 1970's when I sought his help in supplying me cartoon ideas to assist in my entering the gag cartoon field. His name is Rex May, who happens to be one of the most prolific gag writers on the planet. He literally has written tens of thousands of cartoon gags and has written for many of the top selling gag panel cartoonists of our time and some of the better known syndicated artists of our time, like Bob Thaves who drew the Frank & Ernest cartoon panel.
Rex recently dove into the technology aspect of cartooning and I want to profile a few of his latest endeavors because I think it deserves some mention, since Rex (like me), is a more "pen to paper" kind of guy. Rex now manages his own web cartoon catalog, a blog and also an online store that sells his images. Not to mention the fact he's also into Photoshopping alot of his work that really enhances the overall look and appearance - and I'll post a recent sample below:

Rex even has a cartoon appearing in the 2009 January-February issue of Saturday Evening Post which I think lends alot of creedence to the validity of his gag writing. For any cartoonist wanting gags to consider, Rex can send you an e-batch which consists of a set of ideas sent in PDF format that you can easily open and print out if you want, so you have a physical copy of the ideas for reference, which is another positive aspect of receiving his ideas electronically. If you're not familiar with Rex's cartoons, he signs all his work in his cartoon pen name of Baloo.

Rex has even adapted well to learning HTML and proved himself by incorporating Google's AdSense ads into many of his online endeavors. Way to go Rex! Here is a breakdown of all he currently is doing:

Baloo's political cartoon blog

Rex May general cartoon blog

Rex's Atlantea cartoon blog (political satire set in ancient Atlantis)

Rex's Bloomenkraft blog (science cartoons)

Rex's main site, where you can access all the other stuff

Rex's Zazzle site
, where you can buy all my stuff as t-shirts, cups,
bumper stickers, etc.

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