Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I recently mentioned the virtues of creating your own Zazzle store and feel it necessary to reemphasize some other aspects in relation to how well it may benefit a "creative" person. Aside from focusing on my own stores which I've already done, I feel it would be great to profile another fellow Zazzler's store to allow visitors to get an idea of what a real good Zazzle store layout looks like. Tom Wuthrich is a fellow cartoonist who I've known for many moons, and I discovered Tom has in depth knowledge on the inner workings of this unique online store provider. Zazzle lends itself greatly to those of us who are creative....painters, illustrators, artists, graphic designers, photographers, cartoonists and on & on. Unlike your typical "brick & mortar" store that will require the owner to pay property taxes, rental fees for the square floor space of your store, utilities to maintain for heat, electricity etc. A Zazzle store only requires some basic knowledge of page layout and web page optimization and promotion. You register for free and then go in and set up and configure the look, feel and presentation of your Zazzle store. Tom's
Swisstoons Funny Business is a nice clean looking page layout with an easy to navigate set of links and items to choose from. Tom realized early on how best to promote his online presence by learning about the value of keywording, tagging and backlinking his store and he sells alot of items on his store. Not only that, he still adds to the store which is key in making more sales. At one point in time, during a period I call the "glory days" of magazine gag cartooning back in the 70's, 80's and much of the 90's, Tom's cartoons appeared along side mine in many offbeat magazines and other publications like Good Housekeeping, New Woman, Omni, Highlights, Readers Digest, National Enquirer, TV Guide, Saturday Evening Post which were all regular users of SWISS cartoons. I sincerely miss those times and the ease with which a cartoonist could simply circulate his work from one editor to the next. As for the Zazzle stor, like anything else, you need to focus on generating quality looking content and uploading those items regularly. The more items you offer for sale, the better chance you have at selling. Just like those who are good at fishing will say, you just don't go out and cast a line or two....you need to consistently go day after day and keep casting and reeling and you will continually get sales. Have a look and if you are curious as to whether Zazzle may benefit you then visit the site and register an account, and do an "experimental" store page....if you don't like what you see, just log out and go back in after you've gotten rid of any frustration or doubt and start over!

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