Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Curious If Facebook Is a Positive "Marketing" Tool

I have recently tried using Facebook as a promotional and marketing tool for my cartoon business and images I offer for licensing. As most know, this social platform boasts upwards of 500 million users and has a large offering of "groups" which may cater to one's own liking. If someone out there is successfully using it to their advantage, I would like to hear some of your techniques in the "comments" for sure. I haven't really seen much of a benefit, other than finding people I know or haven't seen in a long time, who happen to be on there. I would think with almost 500 million users, they would have some sort of marketing vehicle to allow someone operating their own business but I really haven't discovered it yet. I have "liked" many different comments based on users I have "friended" in my own discipline, joined specific "groups" that catered to my cartooning and illustration business but really, it hasn't generated anything positive. I get more business directly from my own website via my optimization of the keywording, title tagging, image tagging and so listing it in directories and getting backlinks on like-minded web sites. Article writing has also helped greatly. But as an overall benefit, I just haven't had Facebook derive much in the way of traffic or work.
There are many "apps" that Facebook also offers it's user, such as the FBML app that allows page owners more flexibility in the way of pasting images or inserting content within their pages. I tried that app but it is so convoluted in the way it's formatted and the actual instructions on how to add the app and then put it to good use seem very difficult for the normal lay person or those like myself without an in-depth technical sense. As a cartoonist, I did see potential in the fact Facebook offers great potential for "back linking" and hopefully elevates those URL's you can list on your page to get a good "link juice". Other than that, I wish there was more flexibility and potential such as being able to add content....which seems difficult to do. If there's anything I'm missing, feel free to offer it and I can follow up and give a review of your suggestion and techniques here. If you sell or license photographs or clip art images, how you've added content to your pages, or perhaps how you've incorporated image feeds into your page, may be appreciated by others. I've tried to add the actual image code or script for my daily web cartoon directly into my Facebook page, but haven't been able to master the FBML app or successfully add that app within my page layout.
If anyone knows how to add image feeds into a Facbook page, email me directly and I'll post that information as an instructional or tutorial here on my blog. The cartoon below appears on my index page, and updates automatically at 2AM New York City time, every 24 hours, every day of the year . . . I use a line of code or script which works fantastic for this purpose....but to date, I haven't found out how to add it to my Facebook.....I believe it's done through an application called FBML though. I try to make all of my images available in a usable and easy to navigate catalog of cartoons and cartoon images but am not certain enhancing the availability via a Facebook prescence is the "golden goose" for marketing. As a social site though, it's the ultimate in finding all your old friends and for making new contacts. If any web designers or webmasters seek a daily web cartoon for their blog, web page or community site, learn more about my daily cartoon at which is the image below.

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