Sunday, March 9, 2014


                            NEW WEBSITE LAUNCHED

 My new website DansCartoons has a completely new redesign and look. After years of losing traffic due to Panda / Penguin ( and many other) updates along with the HTML5 hierarchy that was impeding my traffic, I was forced to re-evalute my entire approach. I set aside about one year to study, learn and understand an entirely new web editor (WordPress) which was ideal in that it offers the user a "content management system" that is fantastic. And what better content is there to manage for me, than cartoons?! Taking the plunge was a slow and arduous path as I needed to re-educate myself with this new editor that has a completely different look and feel in the way the user experience is concerned, not to mention all of the different components and plugins this platform has to offer. I made mistakes along the way that cost me additional time but look at those as part of the overall learning curve and learning experience of web building and editing. A major stumble was the fact that I had built an entire archive of over 4000 cartoons into a series of separate catalogs that were set up using a specific plugin that WordPress uses. When trying to "convert" the entire collection into a custom built "theme" I had designated, I couldn't make use of that theme since the photo gallery component I had chosen was an outdated plugin (at least for incorporating into my chosen customized theme). So it was back to square one, including my having to go backwards even further and actually rename all of the 4000 (and more) image files to be conducive to a newly chosen photo gallery component. I won't try to bore you but try and explain why a majority of time had to be invested and this was just one small element of the overall effort I put into everything. Of course there's learning how you need to host a WordPress-built site on a Linux server as opposed to my old site that was hosted on a Windows server was yet another part of understanding the conversion, not to mention how I would preserve my current emails and addresses and move them over onto the new web host's server etc. Simply put, I draw....I wasn't meant to be "techno oriented" but with this new digital age, we're almost forced into things we haven't much knowledge and experience or control over with but looking back, I am glad I did. You may ask why I didn't just hand it all over for someone else to build for me but then I'd have lost all control and the look and feel and the way the site operates is an aspect I wouldn't be satisfied with. Overall, if you have something you're wanting to sell on line, whether it's cartoons, photographs, illustrations, paintings, products or crafts, services etc. I would always say that it is best to build your own web presence. It isn't easy but once you take the plunge, you'll see in a strange way how interesting it can become and may take you on a path you were not expecting. The age old phrase "Patience Is A Virtue" certainly applies with business online and I have to say once you take the plunge, you'll be happy when it's all said and done! If you are a consultant looking for a specific cartoon, go to my cartoon catalog page. If you happen to be an author or writer, seeking customized illustrations for your book project, I can help in this area also. I also offer web designers and webmasters a daily auto-updating web cartoon which can add impact to your format in the humor department - it will also keep your visitors returning to see the next day's cartoon so there is that extra added intrinsic value to adding the feature to your chosen page or pages. For example if you seek medical cartoons for your hospital newsletter, these images can be supplied in high resolution TIFF format and actually sized to your column width as I work in Photoshop. Perhaps you have a business publication that could use business cartoons which I can also supply from that selection. The cartooning services I offer are extensive so feel free to contact me at the email address on my main page. I can offer quotes to have cartoons created or offer quotes based on how you want to use any existing cartoons you find on my site. I cannot list specific prices, simply due to the fact that how using a cartoon is concerned is so varied from business to business. My cartoon prices page may help to shed some light on how I formulate fees for using cartoons or to have something created from varies greatly! I'm also adding my daily web cartoon here on this page so anyone who finds this article will get an idea of how my cartoon appears and can look on your website. Thanks for investing some of your valuable time to read my story!

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